Carlos Amorales: Dark Mirror

05.05.2007 – 02.09.2007

Daros Museum, Zürich

Publication for the exhibition


Artists of the collection

  • Carlos Amorales

Carlos Amorales (*1970) is one of Mexico’s leading contemporary artists. The title of the exhibition relates to an animation by Amorales of the same name which uses compelling sequences of images to evoke an apocalyptic scenario.

The exhibition focused on Liquid Archive, an extensive database containing hundreds of pictures. Amorales recombines items from the archive in ever new variations to create images in a range of media, including animations, works on paper, and paintings. His virtually inexhaustible iconographic repertoire allows him to dissolve the boundaries between media. Amorales employs contemporary techniques to generate archetypal images of an uncanny beauty that imprint themselves on the viewer’s memory.